AWAKE in Organizations

During the year 2020, the COVID-19 crisis has forced a high number of organizations around the world to use telecommuting as a way to face the new challenges that this virus has established (Belzunegui- Erazo and Erro- Garcés, 2020). Two of the main issues of working at home are related to: 1) musculoskeletal problems and 2) a higher amount of working hours in comparison with the “normal” working schedule (Mann and Holdsworth, 2003; Tavares, 2017). This context brings new challenges to employees concerning their health and stress levels.

Awake Online Breathwork Program can increase the knowledge, in a practical and theoretical way, your workers have concerning the breath; which, in turn, could be a powerful tool to prevent musculoskeletal problems, decrease stress levels, and promote well-being. If your employees are facing tide schedules and high levels of stress, this Program could be an alternative tool that could promote well-being within your organization.


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