AWAKE Youth Program

Awake Online Breathwork Program can also bring practical knowledge about the breath to schools and universities. Giving easy and free-cost well-being tools to students could increase their chances to cope better with academic and social stressful situations. There is a considerable amount of research that stresses how slow and diaphragmatic breathing decreases anxiety levels and promote emotion regulation in people (Consolo et al., 2008; Hunt et al., 2018; Kaushik, et al., 2005; Ma et al., 2017; Vranich, 2016). Both, variables that could have a positive impact on the academic performance and social engagement of students. Likewise, teachers could also benefit from this program in three ways: it could decrease their stress levels, promote recovery after a long day of teaching, and give them a variety well-being tools that they could share with their students.

If your pedagogical approach resonates with our program, do not hesitate to contact us!


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