The Teacher

My name is Fernando Jibaja, I studied Psychology (with a specialization in educational psychology) in the best university of Peru (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru). Afterwards, I went to The Netherlands to study a Master of Science in Pedagogical Sciences. During this time, I wrote my thesis in the Behavioural Science Institute from Radboud University. The variables I studied were diaphragmatic breathing, interoceptive awareness, and mindfulness in students with high levels of anxiety. Since then, I got in love with the breath; therefore, I continued reading and learning about this topic. Today, I have an Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing (level 1) Instructor Certification by Patrick Mckeown and a Yoga Body Breathing Coach Certification by Lucas Rockwood

I always loved to teach and the years I spent studying in the university and working as an educational psychologist gave me the tools to be able to teach in a way that is easy to understand but supported by a solid structure and scientific background. During my professional experience, I have had the opportunity to teach different topics related to well-being, learning process, emotions and stress to a variety of people from different socio-economic backgrounds and ages. Now, that I have developed this breathwork program called Awake, it is time to use my knowledge and skills to teach this amazing endogeneous tool to all the people who are interested in knowing more about the breath.

My Breath Masters

Most of the teachings and knowledge I will share with you during this program, comes from five of my breathing masters:

  1. Belisa Vranich:
  2. Patrick Mckeown:
  3. Dan Brule:
  4. Lucas Rockwood:
  5. Jon Kabat- Zinn:

Feel free to look their web pages, breath approach, and the certifications they have.

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